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TV-report on the
Solar Potential Cadastre,
City of Werne
(in German language)

Solar Potential Cadastres

Solar Potential Cadasters are interactive maps that contain information about the suitability for solar energy generation for every single building. These maps provide useful information for real estate owners and everybody else who wants to invest in solar energy.

SELN: Solar Energy – Local Networks

As the number of peripheral small power stations is growing, public power grids have to ingest an increasing amount of electricity generated, e.g. by photovoltaic panels or solar thermal collectors. Up to now it is very difficult to predict their productivity and integrate it into upgrade concepts. The research project “SELN: Solar Energy – Local Networks” fills this gap by including forecast functions and geographic information interfaces into the technology used for Solar Potential Cadasters.

About Us:

Our main focus is on geo-informatics, particularly in relation to sustainable power supplies. We develop and merchandise new technologies to determine and forecast the potential of renewable energies in specific areas. With Solar Potential Cadasters currently being our key product, we also analyze whole-city facade radiation and take an active part in research and development.